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Address : C8-2-2 Optical ValleyUnited Technology city,Gediandevelopment Zone,Ezhou city,Hubei Province,China.




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Company's History

  • April 2005: the company was registered. My wife and I work at home. There are only two people in the company, one desk, one computer, one typewriter and fax. The company mainly deals in trading of some chemical products of domestic and foreign companies.  


  •  In October 2005, the company rented a 120 square meter residential building, recruited the first employee, hired two part-time engineers, purchased a production equipment drawing, and prepared to develop production equipment; started to develop its own products, established the company's first simple laboratory, and developed coagulation powder, EDTA 2K, 3K and other products;        


  •  In May 2006, the company recruited two employees and began to develop serum separation gel;            


  • In 2007, we cooperated with Wuhan University and commissioned the research and development of serum separation gel. The company recruited two other employees and began to develop heparin lithium, heparin sodium and other products and achieved success soon;          


  • In 2008, we rented a factory building of 400 square meters, purchased the equipment necessary for production of separation separation gel, and started the first generation of separation gel trial production; the company recruited two engineers to develop new products and develop the market;            


  • In 2009, we began to sell the first generation of serum separation gel in bulk;            


  • In 2010, we cooperated with Wuhan University to develop a new generation of blood separation gel in the meantime;  


  • In 2011, new equipment was purchased and a new generation of serum separation gel was put into production. At the end of the year, the company rented and moved to a new plant with an area of 1200 square meters and our team has more than 10 employees;     


  • In 2012, the company began to develop the international market;       


  • In 2013, the company realized the first batch export of products;   


  •  n 2014, the company began to develop raw materials for IVD diagnostic reagents such as chromogenic substrate and goods’s buffer;  


  • In 2015, the company's sales exceeded 10 million yuan for the first time;   


  • In 2016, the company moved to the new plant, with the number of employees reaching about 20;        


  • In 2017, the company purchased new factory buildings and started preliminary design and pre evaluation; registered and established Hubei xindesheng Material Technology Co., Ltd.; the company realized sales of nearly 20 million yuan;       


  • August 2018: the company moved to the new plant in Gedian Development Zone as a whole.